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We are the Alpha Omega Colony of the Alpha Epsilon Pi International Jewish Fraternity.

ΑΕΠ-Originally founded in 1913

The Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity is now the only remaining entirely Jewish Fraternity and 2014 marks the 101th year anniversary of it's founding. AEPi is the largest fraternity in California and it is the only fraternity with chapters in Canada, France, The United Kingdom, and Israel. Three years ago AEPi set a goal to donate $100,000 dollars to each of these seven different philanthropies within seven years:
o Friends of the Israel Defenses Forces
o Elem
o Jewish National Fund
o Keshet
o Leket Israel
o Save a Child’s Heart
o Sharsheret
This goal was achieved in less than 5 years in 2014. Alpha Epsilon Pi has recently pledged to raise $1,000,000 to split between 10 new philanthropies within in the next 7 years.

We are one branch of this great Fraternity

The Alpha Omega Colony:
Founded on December 7th 2011.

We are currently 32 Members strong.

Our goals include creating a strong sense of brotherhood in every aspect of life between all of our Jewish Brothers. We are always looking for great men to join us in our goals of community and leadership. However, to keep a Brotherhood strong we must be selective.

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