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Hanoolim, the Korean Cultural Awareness Group at UCLA, is comprised of UCLA students of varying ethnic backgrounds that strive to promote Korean culture. Poongmul is a branch of Hanoolim that continues to uphold Korean traditional drumming.

Poongmul, the art of traditional Korean percussion, explores the existing historical aspects of Korean culture through a diverse musical program that uses Korean ethnomusicology as a basis for study. Practices are held weekly during the school year to learn as well as teach various beats on different instruments in preparation for professional performances requests such as Korean Culture Night, Los Angeles Mayoral Inauguration Ceremony, Asian Pacific Islander Graduation, Dream Act rally, Asian Pacific Heritage Month festival, and other events in the Los Angeles community. The traditional Korean arts benefit drummers to appreciate their culture not just by observing but through actual experience. Poongmul provides an opportunity for UCLA students of various ethnic heritages to experience the Korean Tradition.

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