2/10/16 Pho Bac Fundraiser!

Pho Bac
Northridge 91325
February 10.
Los Angeles
Why join?

Hello friends and families of CSUN VSA!

Don't forget...

Hello friends and families of CSUN VSA!

Don't forget that today we will be having our 2nd general meeting! After our meeting, full of fun activities AND red envelopes (money, free boba, & free points), we will ALL be heading to Pho Bac for dinner!

If you can't make it to meeting BUT can make it to dinner, please do so!

Remember, all the money goes back to YOU, the members of VSA. You will receive points for attending the fundraiser AND this will give you a chance at winning a scholarship towards the end of the semester!

Come out, support, and have some fun with us!

See you there! <3

(Please check-in with Angelina to redeem your points)
More information on the website of the event.


Pho Bac
Northridge 91325


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