ACA Road to House Olympics

Association of Chinese Americans
Los Angeles 90024
February 01.
Los Angeles
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Have you heard of the legend of the Red Phoenix, the White Tiger, t...

Have you heard of the legend of the Red Phoenix, the White Tiger, the Azure Dragon, and the Black Tortoise? Long ago, the four celestial emblems guarded the four compass direction for the Chinese emperor. Centuries have passed…. and now their familial descendents come together and meet again for ACA’s HOUSE OLYMPICS COMPETITION!

Play daily MiniGames @ ACA Table on Bruinwalk (10am - 3pm), compete with other families, and earn points for your House!
Red Phoenix: Yee, Amy, Andrew, Jing, Dan Rochelle
White Tiger: Sienna, Kristen, David, Isabel Janna
Azure Dragons: Anna, Annie, Cindy Mach, Mimi, Maggie
Black Tortoise: Dermot, Diana, Matt, Myron, Nathan, Cindy Gu

MONDAY: Welcome to…. House Olympics!
Take a picture with your House frame at the ACA table and earn 2 points for each pic you share on Ig/Fb! #houseolympics #acabruins @acabruins

TUESDAY: Sending Letters & Cards to our Military
Volunteer with ACA by making cards in your house colors for our military - active, reserve, and veterans, whether they are serving at home, abroad, or injured in hospitals! (

WEDNESDAY: Ask Me Anything, Staffer Edition
To: (Staffer) (question).... From: you! Ask anyone on Monkey Staff anything, and we’ll respond on Facebook tp your Q&As! Every question received and answered will earn 2 points for the respective house! Unanswered questions will not receive pts.

THURSDAY: Fortuitous Coin Toss Wars
Toss coins into your House wells... where the four cardinal directions meet the wish-making ponds. (Bring your spare change to table, and receive auspicious fortunes for your House in House Olympics!)

3-6 pm, @Mesa Lawn, Sunset Rec
Wear your House Colors and (sporty) PRIDEEE
**** get ready to get (physical)

Enter your ACA exclusive code: ACA2015
FROM Monday 12:01 am to Friday 2:59 pm, go DONATE playfull tickets to your respective House! (instructions TBA)
Playfull points will be totalled and posted on House Olympics Facebook event page every night, so follow for updates and upcoming mini-games!

Hit up any of our sponsors during Week 5, take a picture, and post with tags #acabruins or @acabruin on Ig/Fb, and receive additional points for your House! (1 pt per picture, no cap!).
HMU; Boba Bear, Boiling Point, Chilly Ribbons, Corner Bakery, Curry House, Enzo’s Pizzeria, Ice Master, Ice Cream Lab, Koala T Cafe, London Cleaners, MJ Cafe Express, Roc Kitchen, Volcano Tea House (

Will be updated on Facebook at the end of each day, and a running tally will be shown at the ACA table’s House Olympics Chalkboard. Each day, you may earn up to 3 POINTS for your house at the ACA table (Staffers, play too!). Sponsorship points throughout the week do not have a limit!
More information on the website of the event.


Association of Chinese Americans
Los Angeles 90024, UCLA


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