API Activism: Where Do We Fit in the Black Lives Matter M...

TCC 351/352
February 10.
Los Angeles
Why join?

Join USC APASA and USC Asian Pacific American Student Services (APA...

Join USC APASA and USC Asian Pacific American Student Services (APASS) as we discuss the history of API activism and engage in a dialogue with panelists who have been involved with API Equality, National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance and BLM-LA to talk about both current issues facing our community and how our work can move beyond our community and in solidarity with broader struggles for racial justice.

Free dinner will be provided!


To celebrate and share Asian Pacific American (APA) heritage and diversity, USC APASA supports its member organizations and sponsors cultural events to foster unity and growth within and beyond the APA Trojan community. We strive to create a more united community, where students support each other culturally, socially and academically by educating each other with their heritage, history and traditions.


USC Asian Pacific American Student Services (APASS) is a department within the Division of Student Affairs that offers an array of programming designed to educate, engage and empower students. APASS has a two-fold mission: to facilitate Asian Pacific American participation, dialogue, community-building, and empowerment, while at the same time, to serve as a source of cross-cultural educational programming for the entire campus. We strive to create unique learning opportunities that include mentorship, leadership development, advocacy, and community involvement. We understand the distinctive needs among the different ethnicities within our Asian Pacific American community, and we succeed in deriving strength from our diversity. We believe in a pan-Asian Pacific American identity that is rooted in the Civil Rights Movement, and continues to grow in the transnational sphere.

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TCC 351/352


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