BIL LA 2016

800 Wilshire
Los Angeles 90017
April 01.
Los Angeles
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Welcome to BIL LA 2016: BILding a Better Future!


Welcome to BIL LA 2016: BILding a Better Future!

BIL is a crowdsourced unconference that has been around since 2008. We have grown, we have expanded, we have made lifetime friends and look forward to making more. Each BIL is uniquely compiled by those who participate! Unlike an event in which a small group curates and disseminates content to give to you, BIL exists "asking YOU" to come create what we are as well as what you believe is worth sharing with eachother and with the world. It exists so that each of us experience having a "say" in what get's created. We invite you to come!! Visit our event website to partake in BILding a Better Future!
Buy your tickets, Sign up to speak, Volunteer, Sponsor, Etc...

While everyone can post to this "event" page, we are doing most of our crowdsourcing and BILding on the FB Group page called BIL L.A. Group. Please join us there!

April 1, 2016
10am-5pm: Friday set up at Cross Campus
8pm: Friday night meet and greet
(location TBD)

April 2, 2016
9am-5pm: BIL

April 2, 2016
8pm-1am: BIL Party

April 3, 2016
10am-6pm: BIL

April 3, 2016
7:30pm: post dinner for whom ever is left, to decompress and get our last ounce of BIL love in.
More information on the website of the event.


800 Wilshire
Los Angeles 90017, 800 Wilshire Blvd


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