BNT Spring Full Length Auditions

January 18.
Los Angeles
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Calling all actors to audition for Brand New Theatre's Spring 2016...

Calling all actors to audition for Brand New Theatre's Spring 2016 Full Length, Stars and Shadows, written and directed by Jonathan Stoller-Schoff!


Monday, January 18th, 7:00 - 11:00 PM
Tuesday, January 19th, 7:00 - 11:00 PM

Wednesday, January 20th

Thursday, March 3rd
Friday, March 4th
Saturday, March 5th

Jonathan Stoller-Schoff, Writer/Director
Jacob Swanson, Producer
Derek Christiansen, Lighting Designer
Edina Hiser, Set Designer
Megan Guthrie-Wedemeyer, Costume Designer

After his friend Dakota’s father passes away, Andrew wants nothing more than to spend time with his childhood friend. But amidst this tragedy, Andrew’s mother Claire forces him to participate in a debutante ball as a last-ditch effort to be part of the upper crust at last. Hilarity and tragedy ensues with Andrew’s aspiring makeup artist sister Samantha and outspoken grandmother Denise along for the ride at one of the world’s most exclusive high society events.

Andrew (18) – A middle class kid from Connecticut, Andrew doesn’t know what he wants to be – but he wants someone to be it with.
Claire (49) – Andrew’s mother. She’s always wanted to be a part of high society. Now she finally has her chance.
Dakota (18) – Andrew’s friend. Blunt and abrasive, Dakota says and does what he wants.
Samantha (16) – Andrew’s younger sister who takes after her mom. She’s an aspiring makeup artist, and if we’re being honest, she’d rather be the one in the debutante ball.
Denise (71) – Claire’s mom and Andrew’s grandmother. She’s been around the block a few times and has a big heart, but not a lot of patience.
Suzanne (45) – The liaison for the Mayflower Daughters, the organization hosting the debutante ball. Breezy and fast-talking, Suzanne is every bit the classy middle age that Claire wants.
Jason (22) – Another escort in the debutant ball, Jason comes from money and doesn’t mind who knows it.
Various other minor and ensemble roles.
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