Brain on Drugs: NUS Annual Symposium

Gonda 1357 (Conference Room)
November 18.
Los Angeles
Why join?

Welcome to the annual symposium hosted by Neuroscience Undergraduat...

Welcome to the annual symposium hosted by Neuroscience Undergraduate Society at UCLA!
This year, our theme is "Brain on Drugs". We are happy to have the following guest speakers who have dedicated in the field to have talks on how our brains are affected by different drugs.
The event is FREE for all UCLA students and refreshments will be provided!

Featured Speakers:
[David Shorter, Ph.D.]
Dr. Shorter's research focuses on a powerful healing drug that is used by the Mexico tribal members. His research website is a collaboration with Yoeme people from various pueblos (

[Christopher J. Evans, Ph.D.]
Director of UCLA Brain Research Institute and the Center for Study of Opioid Receptors and Drugs of Abuse, and the Shirley and Stefan Hatos Center for Neuropharmacology

[David Krantz, M.D., Ph.D.]
Dr. Krantz studies molecular mechanisms regulating synaptic transmission and the relationship between changes in neurotransmitter release and addiction, depression, and Parkinson's Diseases.

[Wendy Walwyn, Ph.D.]
Dr. Walwyn's research focuses on novel pain-receiving strategies and targets, especially opioid receptors that are involved in relaying pain information.

About NUS:
Neuroscience Undergraduate Society (NUS) focuses on educating the UCLA community about both the field of neuroscience and the Neuroscience major and minor programs at UCLA. The society is primarily concerned with encouraging interest, participation, and success in the neurosciences. NUS promotes success in undergraduate and graduate education by offering special events to its members and the greater UCLA community such as laboratory placement fairs, graduate student mentoring, and workshops designed to help students excel in both current study and future graduate and medical programs. NUS also seeks to educate the UCLA community on healthy mind by maintaining a healthy brain. Our organization has the potential to benefit to bridge the campus divide and benefit students and staff in all areas in addition to undergraduates involved in the sciences.

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Gonda 1357 (Conference Room)


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