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Los Angeles, CA
January 23.
Los Angeles
Why join?

Come join us this Saturday as we explore Echo Park and critically e...

Come join us this Saturday as we explore Echo Park and critically examine the impacts gentrification has had on this historically significant neighborhood of Los Angeles.
This event is free to all UCLA students and we provide transportation! Please RSVP on the link below.
The bus departs from Gayley & Strathmore promptly at 12PM.
See y'all then!


What is Gentrification?
Gentrification describes the arrival of affluent people into an existing urban area, often improving property values while displacing poorer, native residents. The increased property values and “renewal” of the area usually brings a variety of benefits, including new investments in the community and increased economic activity. However these benefits disproportionately affect the more affluent new arrivals, changing a neighborhood from a community into an economic experiment or project.
This change is immediately evident in the types of businesses you see in a gentrified area: small, local mom and pop corner stores exist beside larger, trendy coffeeshops. The clashes between new and old residents have become especially contentious in gentrifying cities as issues surrounding race and poverty are brought to the forefront.
Echo Park exemplifies this clash between old and new, rich and poor, with hipster restaurants nestled amongst historic Victorian homes and stores. Be sure to check out both sides of the neighborhood to gain a better understanding of gentrification.

Interesting links about gentrification:
More information on the website of the event.


Los Angeles, CA


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