Company 2015 and Rapid Fire Present: The Stanford-Princet...

A51 Humanities
January 29.
Los Angeles
Why join?

WHERE: Humanities A51
WHEN: Friday. January, 29th. 8pm.

WHERE: Humanities A51
WHEN: Friday. January, 29th. 8pm.
WHO: Members of UCLA's Company 2015 and Rapid Fire Improv, Princeton's Quipfire Improv and Stanford's Robber Barons Sketch Team
WHAT: A show to end all shows. 3 schools. 4 groups. A night of beauty, improv, and sketches. Should it be done? Maybe not.
Will it be done? Absolutely.

In 1971, a pyscholigical experiment was conducted by researchers at Stanford University in conjuction with Princeton and University of Califonia Los Angeles. A selection of student volunteers were broken up into two groups: improvisers and sketch comedians.
The intent was to study the psychology of imprisonment and was of interest to both the Navy and Marine Corps. However the participants adapted to their roles far beyond what any college student would consider "socially healthy" or "not just totally wierd to be around." The improvisers became brutal, submitting their fellow inmates to the pyschological torutre of having to come up with suggestion after suggestion. They enforced authoritarian measures, refusing to accept any answer that wasn't "yes, and." The sketch commedians, on the other hand, became withdrawn, focusing only on their writing. The pressures became to much for some. One writer in particular flew into a violent rage after attempting and failing to construct a complex, Hurwitzian story with interweaving plots and callbacks.
The experiment was deemed a failure, with critics claiming that it was "poorly concieved" and "What is the connection between prison and college commedians? I don't get it." But they made a movie about it in 2015. It made it to Sundance I think. Anyway come see our dumb comedy show.
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A51 Humanities


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