Date Night

Chabad @ USC
Los Angeles 90007
February 10.
Los Angeles
Why join?

NOTE: You DON'T need to bring date (though you're more than welcom...

NOTE: You DON'T need to bring date (though you're more than welcome to)...
Join us for some delicious refreshments and a fascinating presentation on Dating and Relationships...

What are the key components to a stable and long-lasting relationship? Beyond the paranoia, ignoring the "parents factor", forget the Rabbis; is there one good reason to date/marry within my own faith? If I'm not religious, should faith be a factor in choosing a soul-mate?

Maybe your grandmother's always on your case about bringing home that nice Jewish guy or girl, and you're wondering why...
Or you're dating someone who seems to feel that being of the same faith is important to a relationship, and you want to find out if there's really any logical basis for such a view...
Or you're just curious as to whether the idea of encouraging people to marry within their own faith is racist/elitist/tribalistic, etc.

Doron Kornbluth wrote the book on intermarriage, literally. His book Why Marry Jewish? is one of the most comprehensive and thought-provoking on the topic, and he lectures all over the world to spell-bound audiences. Now you have a chance to hear him for yourself -- hear his perspective on what makes relationships tick, consider the ideas, and see what you think.

7:00 pm Refreshments
7:30 pm Presentation
8:30 pm Q & A
More information on the website of the event.


Chabad @ USC
Los Angeles 90007, 2713 Severance St


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