Deeper Than DAPA Banner Drop and Community Forum

UCLA Royce Hall then AAP Learning Pavillion
November 20.
Los Angeles
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This coming Friday, 20th of November, 2015 will mark the 1-year ann...

This coming Friday, 20th of November, 2015 will mark the 1-year anniversary of President Obama's announcement of Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) and the expansion of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). What could have been temporary peace of mind for some was instead held up by ideologues. Texas, along with 25 other states have trapped the president's order of deportation deferment by issuing an injuction.

On November 9th, the 5th circuit court issued a ruling upholding the injunction. The Obama administration has, in turn, filed a request for the Supreme Court to hear the case. Should the court decide to take up the case, their decision not only sacrifices the livelihood of those who would have benefitted from DAPA and DACA extended. A ruling in favor of the lower court would also jeopardize the safety of those who have benefitted from DACA 2012 since the legal basis is shared among DAPA and DACA.

IDEAS @ UCLA demands that the University of California (especially Janet Napolitano, given her role architecting the deportation of millions of our family and community members) stand in support of its students whose lives would be irrevocably damaged by the failure of DAPA and DACA. This means filing an amicus brief just as it did with Fisher V University of Texas at Austin in support of Affirmative Action policies. This also means bolstering the legal services available to its student communities affected by immigration status.

IDEAS @ UCLA holds that this series of events is simply another extension of this country's scapegoating of immigrant communities. This is why we proclaim that this fight goes #DeeperThanDAPA and goes #DeeperThanDACA. We know that, as advocated by multiple community organizations, this fight means proclaiming #Not1More! #Not1MoreDetention and #Not1MoreDeportation. We know that even #IfDAPAFails or #IfDACAFails, day to day life would be just as dangerous in this country for some because of the exclusivity of its criteria. IDEAS @ UCLA fights for the liberation of all undocumented communities whether they be Trans, Queer, Black, API, Eastern European, still in the shadows, or identify otherwise.

Join us for our banner drop in front of Royce at NOON on Friday, the 20th of November to raise our voices and make our community heard.

In addition, please join us for our community forum in the AAP Learning Pavllion at 6 PM the same day, a safe space where we will be able to share our opinions, learn/grow, and strategize. Together we can and will continue this fight! This fight that affects not only undocumented communities but through intersectionalities, affects many more.

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UCLA Royce Hall then AAP Learning Pavillion


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