Employed for the Summer - A Research and Internship Workshop

Parkside Performance Cafe
Los Angeles 90089
January 24.
Los Angeles
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On a mission to get rid of those high school experiences off your r...

On a mission to get rid of those high school experiences off your resume? Trying hard to find an internship but not sure where to start? Worried that you might not be qualified because of lack of experience? Have no fear, because your RAs are here to help you with the summer employment search!

On Sunday, January 24th, Parkside A&H is hosting a two-part event featuring our own upperclassman RAs as well as guest panelists to talk about how to effectively use campus resources to find an internship or a research position for the summer.

The "Find Research Position" workshop will take place starting at 2pm. We strongly encourage STEM students to attend this workshop, as we have personally found it difficult to find STEM related internships as a freshman. Research experience will expand your academic horizons, as well as diversify experiences on your resume. During the workshop, we will cover the types of research positions available at USC as well as other universities, the types of funding sources that could provide pay, and tips how to stand out as a star candidate. Panelists will then recount their success stories in applying, as well as stay for the remainder of the hour for questions.

The "Find an Internship" workshop will start at 3pm. During this workshop, we will discuss how to effectively research companies before a career event, how to dress for events (the much debated "business formal vs. "business casual"), the importance of attending info sessions, cover letter and resume structure, and how to prepare for a behavioral interview. Then, our panelists from various academic backgrounds will share their insights.

Light refreshments will be served.

In interest of time, questions for panelists will be submitted before hand and asked during the event. Submit your question here: http://goo.gl/forms/qF4qXSqEd5

Questions? Email RA Cynthia at chenyuwa@usc.edu
More information on the website of the event.


Parkside Performance Cafe
Los Angeles 90089


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