EWeek ASBME Bionic Pig Race

E-Quad, Viterbi
February 26.
Los Angeles
Why join?

Think you have what it takes to design the biggest, baddest and fas...

Think you have what it takes to design the biggest, baddest and fastest bionic pig on campus? Find out by entering ASBME's Bionic Pig Race! Once you and your team have signed up, you will pick up your pig on Friday the 19th, 11am-4pm in the Engineering Quad from ASBME. This allows you ONE WEEK to modify your pig in any way to get it in true racing mode provided you follow the two following rules:

1. The pig must still resemble a pig in its final form.
2. The original motor of the pig must remain as the MAIN motor on the final pig. Other motors may be added, but may not take the place of the original pig motor.

The race will take place on Friday, February 26 from 12-1pm in the E-quad, and will be conducted by a point system (1st pig 5pts, 2nd pig 4pts, 3rd pig 3pts, 4th pig 2pts, and 5th pig 1pt). Oh ya, did we mention there are prizes for the top 3 winning pigs? Pride is not the only thing at stake in this competition folks.

Sign up via the link below before it's too late!

More information on the website of the event.


E-Quad, Viterbi


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