December 13.
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As the exciting holiday season approaches and we mark the end of fi...

As the exciting holiday season approaches and we mark the end of finals, students rejoice in traveling home and abroad, but for some this experience is can be tempered with a mixture of anxiety and unsafety.

Following 9/11 and the more recent Paris attacks, there has be a drastic increase in racial discrimination and Islamaphobia at American airports, largely due to passengers’ fears of having Muslims on board. Anti-Muslim and Islamaphobic sentiments have grown even more since the most recent San Bernardino Attacks through the constant hate and fear mongering perpetuated by the media.

Flying While MEMSSA/SSWANA (Middle Eastern, Muslim, Sikh South Asian/ South & Southwest Asian, North Afrikan) is an opportunity for students to share stories of their experiences as Muslims or being mistaken for being Muslim while traveling abroad. This is to serve as a form of awareness, healing, and to allow others to share positive affirmations and stories as a form of solidarity.

How To Get Involved!!

1. Take a selfie of your beautiful self with a note saying "#FlyingWhileMEMSSA/SSWANA" Or "FlyingWhile..." with the identity you most closely identify with.

2. Describe your story: this could be a particular incident that happened while traveling this winter break, previous experiences that have taken place, or an overall explanation of how you have been effected by Islamaphobia/Racial Discrimination while traveling and how that has made you feel.

3. E-mail your picture and narrative to and to be featured on the General Representative 2 & UCLA MSA facebook pages!

4. Share others' stories, post positive affirmations, and remind your peers that you are here to support them during these difficult times heart emoticon

It is important to recognize that unfortunately the highest forms of racial discrimination, especially at airports, with anti-Muslim hate has been targeted towards MEMSSA** (Middle Eastern, Muslim, Sikh, South Asian) communities and SSWANA** (South & Southwest Asian, North Afrikan) communities, however we welcome all narratives of racial discrimination that individuals would want to share! (**Both MEMSSA and SSWANA have been included to recognize individuals who may identify with these identities differently. Though SSWANA is the decolonized method of including Middle Eastern communities, MEMSSA has a rich history in recognizing particularly anti-Muslim and anti-Sikh sentiments**)

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at and
More information on the website of the event.



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