GLP Native Foods Fundraiser!

Native Foods
Los Angeles 90024
January 28.
Los Angeles
Why join?

Hello Everyone!! Join as at Native Foods in Westwood for the best v...

Hello Everyone!! Join as at Native Foods in Westwood for the best vegan food you've ever had! Support GLP by dining with us, and Native Foods will donate 20% of proceeds to fund field trips and materials to educate and inspire our service recipients. RSVP or perish. Check out the Q&A below. :D

Commit to eat here:
(At least 20 people must commit to eat by January 25th for this event to go down so you best be signing up)
Number of people committed so far: TBA Daily

Q: What the heck is a Native Foods?
A: Native Foods Café brings into harmony a passion for fresh food and compassion for animals and the environment. Their menu is beloved by vegans and non-vegans alike, with seasonally updated one-of-a-kind dishes, delicious desserts and homemade beverages, all made fresh daily. Their entire menu is 100% plant-based, creating a compassionate dining experience serving up homemade meals that are good for you, your friends and the environment.

Q: Are trying to make me eat vegan food?
A: Well, technically, yes. But wait, its not what you think. Check out this testimony: "I was skeptical about trying a vegan meal, because I love myself. But when I bit into the Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger, I was like wow, I can’t believe its not real meat!" – Ricardo, born-again carnivore

Q: What price range are we looking at?
A: An average combo meal will be between $10 and $15, and portions are BIG (it’s soooo worth it – Armando, local community activist)

Q: I think I have more questions?
A: Of course you do. Feel free email us if you would like to learn more about our program, need more information about our event, or if you just want to chat about politics/social issues/memes at
More information on the website of the event.


Native Foods
Los Angeles 90024, 1114 Gayley Ave


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