Improv Revolution Presents: AUDITIONS WINTER 2016

The Little Theatre (HH 161)
January 04.
Los Angeles
Why join?

It's that time again! Join the revolution and audition for IMPROV R...

It's that time again! Join the revolution and audition for IMPROV REVOLUTION'S WINTER 2016 TEAM!

Who are we? Well, Improv Revolution is auditioned team of UCI students (of any grade level or major) and performs on a bi-weekly basis on campus, and at other venues when the opportunity arises. Auditions are held every quarter for the team.

You don't need any experience to audition, and this will be one of the most low-pressure, fun auditions in your life, guranteed! (In the sense that if it isn't, I'll just apologize profusely.)

If you're going to be late/have to leave early for this audition, please message us and let us know! The auditions don't always last the full three hours, so we want to make sure we see everyone who wants to be seen!


Directions? Search "Little Theater":

OR, from the flagpoles/ library:

1. Walk towards the student center.
2. Pass Zot n Go.
3. At HIB 100 you could either turn left for the park, or right across the bridge. Turn LEFT to go towards the park
4. Before you go arrive at the park, look to your right, and behold, the marvelous Little Theater.
More information on the website of the event.


The Little Theatre (HH 161)


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