Kappa Sigma Winter Rush 2016

UCI Kappa Sigma
Irvine 92617
January 04.
Los Angeles
Why join?

Kappa Sigma is the longest standing fraternity on campus here at th...

Kappa Sigma is the longest standing fraternity on campus here at the University of California, Irvine. As we celebrate 34 years of excellence, we proudly advance a tradition of dominance and seek to further ourselves as a chapter, as brothers, and individually as independent gentlemen. In addition to being the premiere social presence here at UCI, we routinely produce scholars, athletes, and leaders – men of the highest caliber. Furthermore, Kappa Sigma is notably committed to positively impacting both UCI and the surrounding community through service and our various philanthropies.

--------------------------- RUSH SCHEDULE ------------------------

For all events: Please feel free to stop by the Kappa Sigma House in Arroyo Vista: 1040 Arroyo Drive, Irvine, CA 92617

Monday (01/04) – Wings Night
What better way to welcome the New Year than with good company and the kind of wings that’ll bring any poultry farmer to tears. Tears of joy of course, who knew those chickens would ever taste that good? Play your cards right and there may be a free house tour waiting behind door number 3. Just stay away from door 2, our lawyer suggested liability waivers but ink’s expensive and ambiguous suggestions are more affordable.

Meet at the Kappa Sigma House at 7pm.

Tuesday (01/05 & 01/12) – Taco Tuesday
Ah, Taco Tuesday. That time of the week when you dress in your finest silks and satins, dust off your grandpa’s sombrero, and go out in the hopes of finally making it through the doors of that high class taco joint, only to be denied because your mustache is too patchy or your accent too French, ultimately leaving you to beg outgoing patrons for scraps of soggy tortilla chips. Lucky for you, Kappa Sigma has the best taco man this side of the Mexican border, so come enjoy this rare luxury with our active members.

Meet at the Kappa Sigma House at 7pm.

Wednesday (01/06 & 01/13) - Meet the Bros
The gentlemen of Kappa Sigma, both active members and alumni, are eager to meet those of you interested in our beloved chapter. Share some insightful conversation with the men who’ve continued to improve and support this chapter far beyond their graduation, and who exist as living examples of the lifelong bonds that we’ve cultivated as members and brothers of Kappa Sigma.

Meet at the Kappa Sigma House at 7pm.

Thursday (01/07) – Newport BBQ
Take in the beautiful sunset and breeze of Newport Beach while hanging out and grubbing on some grade A BBQ at one of our many Newport houses.

Rides from the Kappa Sigma House leave at 6pm.

Friday (01/08) – INVITE ONLY EVENT - 6pm

Monday (01/11) - Driving Range
Whether you can drill a 300-yard bomb or have only played mini golf in your life, come out and have a good time at one of Irvine’s pristine driving ranges where the grass is bright green and the air is crisp. Practice that Tiger Woods-esque swing or just come chill after a long day. Prior experience, polo shirts, and golf caddies optional.

Rides from the Kappa Sigma House leave at 6pm.

Contact us for any questions:

President: Nicolas Nouchi - (951) 310-2220
Vice President: Jeff Greenfield - (714) 980-2728
Rush Chair: Chris Sanchez - (714) 655-2750
Rush Chair: Sean Gibson - (909) 244-8558

------------------------- SCHOLARSHIP ------------------------------

We are all university students in pursuit of a higher education, striving for academic excellence and distinction. Many brothers aggressively tackle demanding majors and double-majors ranging from sciences and engineering specializations, to business administration, and pre-law focuses… ambitious endeavors, especially while balancing social obligations and other responsibilities. Fortunately, Kappa Sigma has a well-established scholastic tradition. Our extensive alumni network and chapter resources provide brothers with the means to succeed in any situation; mentors, study materials, teacher and course recommendations, etc., whatever is needed: available. Moreover, since 1947 Kappa Sigma collectively has awarded over $4.5 million in scholarships, and through the Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund, continues to recognize deserving brothers for their hard work.

• Peer Tutor: Nikos Sarantopoulos, AC Talle
• LARC Tutors: Ernie Chen, Gaby Duhanci, Myles Brady
• David Rosten International Education and Community Service Scholarship Recipient 2012: Myles Brady

Joining Kappa Sigma will give you a college career filled with a strong brotherhood, growth through athletics and leadership, and a social life unmatched by others. Here are some of OUR awards, accomplishments, and events:

Recipients of the Kappa Sigma Scholarship-Leadership Award:
• 2015
— Nikos Sarantopoulos: $1500
— Leo Fissel: $1000
• 2014
--- Nathan Forokian: $1500
--- Nick Cordero: $500
• 2013
--- Allen Babajanian: $1500
--- Ryan Jebriel: $1000
• 2012
--- Blake Burchman: $1500
--- Rohit Murthy: $1000

Honor Societies:

• Current Member of Order of Omega: Leo Fissel
• Former Member of Sigma Gamma Tau: Nick Cordero
• Former Member of Pi Tau Sigma: Nick Cordero
• Former Member of Order of Omega: Rohit Murthy
• Former Member of Order of Omega: Ernie Chen
• Former President of Gamma Sigma Alpha: Ernie Chen
• Former Treasurer of Gamma Sigma Alpha: Curtis Vanderkooy
• Members of Gamma Sigma Alpha: Blake Burchman, Aaron Wendt, Amarco Desuyo Dimayacyac

--------------------- FELLOWSHIP/SOCIAL -------------------------

Your college experience can either be one dismissed, or among the most significant and electric moments of your life. Kappa Sigma has the most ambitious and relentless social calendar of any fraternity on campus; ask around, our reputation speaks for itself. We maintain excellent relations with all sororities on campus and extremely well known for our incredible, and routinely held, sorority exchanges. Words fail to describe our venue parties; the only appropriate ones are inappropriate for this description. Regardless, with our Sorority Appreciation party, Halloween Cocktail, Dynasty Days formal, SWAT-sponsored Lake Havasu trip, and Player Hater’s Ball, headlining formal and informal sorority exchanges, brotherhood retreats, and Newport and Costa Mesa house parties, it’s easy to see why Kappa Sigma is the undisputed social juggernaut here at UCI.

--- Mafia Madness: Weeklong exchange with the ladies of Kappa Alpha Theta
--- Catalina Wine Mixer: Weeklong exchange with the ladies of Alpha Phi
--- Shipwrecked: Weeklong exchange with the ladies of Delta Gamma
--- Seven Deadly Sins: Weeklong exchange with the ladies of Tri Delta
--- 2 PA Parties (Ex. “A Night At The Mansion”)

--- Sorority Appreciation Party:
— BRIGHT N TIGHT (UCI’s Biggest & Best Venue Party)

— Fall 2015: Slander, NGTHMRE, & Elephante

----- Fall 2014: Slander
---------- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-Tf-Ff5z7w

--- Annual Spring Trip
--- Player Haters Ball
---Cupid’s Cocktail
--- Halloween Cocktail
--- Dynasty Days Formal — LAS VEGAS
--- Big Bear Boarding Retreats
--- Quarterly Brotherhood Retreats

Sorority Relations
• Current Alpha Phi Ivy Man: Nicolas Nouchi

• Former Delta Gamma Anchor Man: Eric Schilb
• Former Delta Gamma Anchor Man: Chris Afiesh
• Former Delta Delta Delta Trident Man: Alex Miller
• Former Kappa Alpha Theta Kiteman: Chris Cohn
• Former Alpha Phi Ivyman: Chris Hudson
• Former Gamma Phi Beta Moonman: Hanley Chan

Sponsored by:

• Summer Winter Action Tours (SWAT)
--- swatup.com
• Rockstar Energy
--- rockstar69.com
• Monster Energy
--- monsterenergy.com
• Jarritos Soda
--- jarritos.com


Men are called to lead. From the moment a Kappa Sigma pledge is chosen to the day of his graduation, every brother is being groomed to take upon himself the mantle of leadership and a greater responsibility. We are taught to always take the initiative and above all else, be steadfast and to never be led astray from an objective nor compromise the integrity of character based upon another’s words. As an assembly of leaders, Kappa Sigma boasts impressive campus involvement and a strong presence at the university.

We take pride in our House in Arroyo Vista. Kappa Sigma was the first of only five fraternities to be granted a house on campus; we have never been asked to leave. It accommodates 18 of our finest brothers and welcomes all Kappa Sigmas within its walls. An invaluable forum for Monday-night meetings and private chapter business, 1040 Arroyo Drive is also a place for all of us to call home.

Leadership/Campus Involvement:

• 2016 IFC President - Ramy Dihom
• 2016 IFC VP Treasurer- Evan Vartan
• President of UCI Powerlifting Club- David Avila
• President of UCI Powerlifting Club- EJ Torralba
• Vice President of UCI Club Baseball- Chris Sanchez

• 2015 IFC VP Programming- Nicolas Nouchi
• 2015 IFC VP Programming- Saam Shahrokhi
• 2015 IFC VP Risk Management- Ramy Dihom
• 2015 IFC VP Treasurer- Thomas Harer
• 2015 CARE Violence Intervention and Prevention Representative- Matt Mondragon
• 2015 IFC Conduct Board- Larry Smith, Chris Sanchez, Evan Vartan, Alex Caceres, Kevin Morrison
• 2015 Recruitment & Alumni Relations VP of UCI Rugby- Nick Ayad
• 2015 VP of College Republicans- Robert Santaella
• 2015 VP of College Republicans- Chris Sanchez
• 2015 Social Chair of the Indian Subcontinental Club- Jaskamal Gill
• 2015 Office Assistant to the Dean of the Henry Samueli School of Engineering: Mauro Serrano
• 2014 IFC Dry Rush Enforcement Board- Ramy Dihom
• 2014 IFC Dry Rush Enforcement Board- Nicolas Nouchi
• 2014 IFC Conduct Board- Larry Smith, Saam Shahrokhi, Alex Caceres
• 2014 Social Chair of the Indian Subcontinental Club- Jaskamal Gill
• 2014 VP of Ski & Snowboard Club- Marcus Kaminski
• 2014 ARC Board Chairman- Travis Nguyen
• 2014 IFC VP Scholarship- Paramin Sangthongkam
• 2014 IFC VP Public Relations- Michael Kabzenell
• 2014 IFC VP Programming- Andrew Fan
• 2014 Songfest Executive Member- Andrew Fan
• 2014 ARC Board Chairman- Travis Nguyen
• 2014 UCI Club Volleyball President- Nick England
• 2013 UCI Club Volleyball President- Nick England
• 2013 IFC Judicial Board Member- Diego Solorzano, Rohit Murthy
• 2013 Dry Enforcement Rush Board- Rohit Murthy
• 2013 Songfest Executive Member- Rohit Murthy

Associated Students of UC Irvine (ASUCI):
• 2015 ASUCI Assistant Commissioner- Navid Hasani
• 2014 Chief of Staff to ASUCI Office of President- Andrew Fan
• 2014 ASUCI Academic Affairs Visions Leadership Intern
- Paramin Sangthongkam
• 2013 ASUCI Admin Affairs Vendor Fair Intern
- Travis Nguyen
• 2012 ASUCI Assistant Club Outreach Commissioner
- Trevor Feeken
• Past ASUCI Interns: Justin Barker, Casey Isaac, Dustin Rich, Steven Tomita, Ernie Chen, Even Jaleh, Mike Habashy, Jung Choi, Shay Willard, Tim Yasuda

SPOP Staffers:
• 2015 SPOP Staffer: Austin Mandujano
• 2014 SPOP Staffer: Andrew Fan, Luis Renteria
• 2013 SPOP Staffer: Andrew Fan
• 2012 SPOP Staffer: Sean Larson
• 2011 SPOP Staffer: Shawn Tan, Sean Larson, Luis Renteria

Kappa Sigma Owned Businesses:

• Slander - Derek Andersen and Scott Land
--- https://www.facebook.com/slanderofficial
• Xquizit Entertainment - Ankur Kheni (Ancore)
--- http://ancoremusic.com/
• SWAT/ Rockstar Representative- Ken Flippin
• SWAT/ Rockstar Representative- Eric Schilb
• Rockstar Energy Representative- Austin Raun
• Monster Energy Representative- Jake Schulze
• Lyft Campus Ambassador - Grant Overton
• DataWallet Campus Ambassador - Evan Vartan
• Adobe Campus Ambassador - Ramy Dihom
• Adobe Campus Ambassador - Austin Raun
• MT High College Representative- Marcus Kaminski
• Chipotle Brand Student Manager- Alex Caceres

• Fodada - Bobby Barsi
• Dota Consulting LLC - Cina Dean Moheimani
• HIDMasters – Misha Kokuashvili
• YBA Entertainment – Cody Meyerhoff
• BINC Tech Recruiting Agency – Bobby Barzi
• Madsen Motorsports – Kevin Madsen
• State Farm Insurance Agent – Jason Starkman
• TenneyHarrison – Larry Tenney
• Picmember.com - Steve Tamjidi and Mike Tamjidi
• Thr3at Entertainment - John Patton, Steve Tamjidi, Nick Kantaria
• DJ Flipmagic - Ken Flippin

------------------------ SERVICE ---------------------------------
Great men lead by example. The University of California, Irvine and Kappa Sigma Nationals annually recognizes this Mu-Delta chapter of Kappa Sigma for its dedication to service. We take pride in our diversity as a chapter, and as a result support each brother in his individual philanthropic interests. Consequently, we have developed and continued to maintain strong ties with various organizations, from the LAPD to Nike, as we strive to better our surroundings and to help those unable to do the same. We take our philanthropic efforts seriously, both as a means to (in all humility) “give back” to the community and to better ourselves as gentlemen.

• Annual Military Heroes 5K Campaign:
— Raised over 3000 dollars in Spring 2015 for the Military Heroes Campaign hosted by the brothers of the Mu Delta Chapter of Kappa Sigma that involves sorority and other fraternity participation in booth events, competitions, restaurant-sponsored fundraisers (ex. Chipotle Night), and more all for the Military Heroes Campaign!

• 2015 Songfest Overall Champions
• 2015 Greek Songfest Web/AV Director: Tyler Parker
• 2015 Greek Songfest Web/AV Director: Tyler Parker
• 2015 Greek Songfest Business Manager: Jack Hoang
• 2014 Greek Songfest Co Promotions Director: Andreas Solorzano
• 2014 Greek Songfest Philanthropy Director: Ramy Dihom
• 2013 Songfest VP of Promotions: Andrew Fan
• 2012 Songfest Business Manager: Rohit Murthy
• 2012 Songfest Assistant Director: Wilson Lomas
• 2012 Songfest Representative of the Year: Rohit Murthy

• 2011 UC Irvine Greek Awards Best Fraternity Philanthropy: Le Carnival
--- Raised over $3,000 for Human Options
• Anteater Mentorship Program: James Fraser, Vaughn Eyvazian, Justin Barker, Sarven Markaryan, Roger Kapul

------------------------- ATHLETICS ---------------------------------
• 2016 IFC Ultimate Frisbee Champions
• 2016 IFC Dodgeball Champions
• 2016 IFC Football 2nd Place
• 2015 IFC Kickball Champions
• 2015 IFC Ultimate Frisbee Champions
• 2015 IFC Soccer 2nd Place
• 2015 IFC Softball 2nd Place
• 2015 IFC Handball 2nd Place
• 2015 IFC Wrestling 2nd Place
• 2015 IFC Basketball 3rd Place
• 2015 IFC Bowling 3rd Place
• 2015 IFC Football 3rd Place
• 2015 IFC Track & Field 3rd Place

• 2014 IFC Volleyball Second Place
• 2014 IFC Bowling Champions
• 2014 IFC Handball 2nd Place
• 2014 IFC Soccer Champions
• 2013 IFC Volleyball Undefeated Champions
• 2013 All U Volleyball Champions
• 2013 IFC Ultimate Frisbee Champions
• 2013 IFC Football 2nd Place
• 2013 IFC Dodgeball Champions
• 2013 IFC Wrestling Champions
• 2013 IFC Bowling 2nd Place
• 2013 IFC Softball 3rd Place
• 2013 IFC Swimming 3rd Place
• 2012 IFC Football Undefeated Champions
• 2012 IFC Wrestling Champions
• 2012 Undefeated IFC Soccer Champions
• 2012 Pi Phi Arrowdaze Soccer Tournament Champions
• 2012 IFC Softball Champions
• 2012 IFC Flag Football 2nd Place
• 2012 IFC Floor Hockey 2nd Place
• 2012 IFC Track and Field 2nd Place
• 2012 IFC Bowling 2nd Place
• 2012 IFC Basketball 3rd Place
• 2012 IFC Volleyball 3rd Place
• 2007, 2006, 2005 IFC Sports Champions

UCI Division I Athletics:

• UCI Basketball: Dominique Dunning, Ege Mala
• UCI Golf: Ryan Knapp, Travis Russell, Jacob Schulze
• UCI Rugby: Kristian Toigo, Nick Ayad, Carlos Alfaro, and Jose Rios
• UCI Soccer: Caleb Ridgeway, Casey Isaac, Pat Barton, Eric Rodriguez, Sebastian Garcia
• UCI Track and Field: Mike Graf, Stanton Edwards, Ryan Russell, Max Lewis, Scott Land, Colin Little, Nick Jennings, Alex Campbell
• UCI Crew: Austin Davidson, Stephan Yang, Brad Doucette, Jeremy Buday
• UCI Ice Hockey: Brett Shahian, Mike Nemzek, Brandon Mead, Joe Hockey, Roger Kapul, Steven Tomita, Jay Chang, Curtis Vanderkooy, Justin Stokes
• Croatia National Soccer Team – Pat Barton
• All American Swimmer: Karol Markowski

We would also like to recognize our Mu-Delta brothers serving the U.S. Armed Forces:
U.S. Navy (Naval Aviation Program): Matthew Cox
U.S. Marine Corps: Richard Rodriguez
U.S. AIR Force: James Fraser
ROTC: Brian Kwon, Brandon Pham
More information on the website of the event.


UCI Kappa Sigma
Irvine 92617, 1040 Arroyo Dr


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