Koch Brother's Screening

UCLA Northwest Auditorium
Los Angeles 90024
February 09.
Los Angeles
Why join?

Join us for our "Koch Brothers" screening!


Join us for our "Koch Brothers" screening!

The Koch brothers are the poster boys for the top 1%. Their money and power fuel the growing inequality in America. They're among the most powerful, they're knocking down the working and the middle class and they're stomping on the poor people. The Koch family has been defining the lives of the ordinary, working Americans, under the radar, for more than 50 years. Koch Brothers Exposed is the latest film from Acclaimed Director Robert Greenwald. From environmental pollution to their efforts to dismantle social security for working Americans, the Koch Brothers have launched a large network attacking our American values.
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UCLA Northwest Auditorium
Los Angeles 90024, 200 De Neve Dr


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