Love Notes from Medleys A Cappella!

Los Angeles, CA
February 11.
Los Angeles
Why join?

Taken? Single? Love love and charity? :D

No matter wha...

Taken? Single? Love love and charity? :D

No matter what you answered, Medleys A Cappella wants to celebrate Valentine's Day Week with you by singing Love Notes!

A Love Note is a singing Valentine gram that you can send to your loved one/friend/TA/roommate/bro/dog YOU NAME IT. We have classic love songs to choose from for only $20/performance!

We will perform these Love Notes LIVE in person (on-campus or off-campus in Westwood), through video calls, or phone calls!

It gets better-- all proceeds will go to the Veterans Homes of California! Help us spread the love by ordering your Love Note today!

For more information, including times, dates, and song selections, check out our website:

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"Love for people, love for music."
More information on the website of the event.


Los Angeles, CA


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