Michito Sanchez, Percussion • Jazz Clinic

CPAC 224
December 07.
Los Angeles
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MICHITO SANCHEZ, one of Los Angeles’ top studio and live percussion...

MICHITO SANCHEZ, one of Los Angeles’ top studio and live percussionists, has a unique ability to create an atmosphere from the Amazon or just groove on a Shaker or Cowbell. Michito also applies his knowledge of Conga drum techniques to other world percussion instruments, simplifying or intensifying intricate world beat rhythms to fit in today’s sound of Pop, Rock, R & B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, etc. situations. Aside from the standard, Michito has gathered hundreds of Percussion Instruments from around the globe, which he utilizes with a virtuosity that enhances any musical situation making it a true experience. Michito envelopes his performance with a great attitude and creative energy.

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CPAC 224


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