Operation Christmas Child Packing (Part 2)

Flintridge Room, USU, CSUN
November 18.
Los Angeles
Why join?

Hello everyone. The Christmas Shoebox operation is BACK!!

Hello everyone. The Christmas Shoebox operation is BACK!!

This is part 2 operation. It means the event will be during the Wednesday Meeting at CSUN, USU. This is a special for all CSUN students. If you are involved another club like JSA, VSA, KPOP, ISA, or other clubs, please invite them or the CCFC can do collabrate with this event.

Steps to pack a shoebox for the operation:
1) Decide you are packing for a girl or a boy
2) Find a shoebox (size) and buy some stuff to fill inside
3) Note that NO food, drinks, candies, dangerous stuff are allowed in your stuff list!!
4) Bring your package to the house for packing
5) We will collect and transfer to the donation stations

If you cannot find any for the steps, you can donate $12 for us to buy the materials. If you cannot make it, there is part 1 on the Friday Night before next Wednesday. There will be a signup sheet coming soon. But if you are interesting for now, please put "join" in this event page.
More information on the website of the event.


Flintridge Room, USU, CSUN


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