Spring Blood Drive

Parkside Multipurpose Room
January 27.
Los Angeles
Why join?

In partnership with Children's Hospital Los Angeles, ASP will be ho...

In partnership with Children's Hospital Los Angeles, ASP will be holding its first blood drive of the semester in the USC Parkside Multipurpose room! Hope to see you there :)

Many of CHLA's patients need blood transfusions to recover from surgery, provide immune support during cancer treatment, and help patients deal with life-threatening blood disorders. The immense support received from donors like you helps them meet 90 percent of our patients' needs for blood transfusions each year at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Some tips on being a successful donor:

-Blood donors must weigh at least 110 pounds
-Before your donation:
1. Maintain a healthy iron level in your diet by eating foods such as red meat, fish, beans and spinach
2. Get a good night's sleep
3.Drink an extra 16 oz. of water or nonalcoholic fluids before the donation.
4. Eat a healthy meal before your donation. Avoid fatty foods, such as hamburgers, fries or ice cream before donating.
5. Bring a form of I.D.

Benefits of being a blood donor:

1. Free snacks and juice
2. Knowing you helped save a life
3. Knowing blood will be there if you or someone you know ever needs it
4. Feeling great afterwards

For more information about the donating process and expectations on the day of the blood drive, please visit:

ASP thanks you for doing this service for your community
More information on the website of the event.


Parkside Multipurpose Room


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