Stones Throw Presents: WHITE BOIZ, PEANUT BUTTER WOLF, JR...

The Regent
Los Angeles 90013
November 19.
Los Angeles
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Stones Throw Records Presents a night of Hip Hop
The Regent...

Stones Throw Records Presents a night of Hip Hop
The Regent Theatre
448 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA


Doors at 8pm

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White Boiz
Strong Arm Steady MC and Sa-Ra producer collaborate on new album for Stones Throw. 14-track album Neighborhood Wonderful is produced by Shafiq Husayn, featuring Thundercat, Anderson Paak, Chace Infinite and others.
White Boiz formed initially out of mutual admiration, when MC Krondon would show up to performances by producer Shafiq Husayn’s Sa-Ra collective on the humble—unannounced, with “something good to puff on and good conversation and good vibrations,” Shafiq recalls with a laugh. The seed for collaboration was Krondon’s birthday in 2011, when the two chopped it up at Shafiq’s home and began a year and a half of conversing before any music was recorded. Deep talks on race and the state of blackness in white America placed them on the same page mentally, which allowed the musical connection to fall into place with early recordings and appearances on separate solo projects in 2013.
In 2015 White Boiz released their debut LP Neighborhood Wonderful.

Peanut Butter Wolf
Peanut Butter Wolf got his start in the early 90’s as the DJ/producer for Charizma in San Jose, CA until December 1993 when Charizma lost his life at the age of 20.

After taking a break from music, Wolf eventually started Stones Throw Records in 1996. Charizma’s posthumous “My World Premiere” was the single that launched the label.

These days, PB Wolf is busy building the Stones Throw label and traveling as a DJ/VJ.

One of the original turntablists, J. Rocc founded the Beat Junkies in 1992 with Melo-D and Rhettmatic, but has done just as much on his own as in a group setting. He began DJing in the mid-'80s with a California group named PSK. Soon after forming, the Beat Junkies became a seminal force in the rise of instrumental hip-hop, including core member Babu plus future stars Shortkut and D-Styles.

In addition to numerous mixtapes and his own production for Stones Throw releases, J. Rocc has been the DJ for Madlib's live shows since the early 2000's, was the 3rd member of Jaylib (Madlib & J Dilla) during the group's live events, and collaborated with Madlib on Beat Konducta Vol. 5-6: A Tribute to J Dilla.

J Rocc's first album of his own original production, Some Cold Rock Stuf, was released in 2011.

Mndsgn is pronounced mind design. The law calls him Ringgo.

Ringgo Ancheta is an anomaly among hip-hop producers - not raised in the suburbs on a steady diet of video games and hip-hop, but in the forest like a beast. His parents were members of the Philippine arm of the Aum Supreme Truth Cult, whose venture into terrorist activity caused them to flee the group in the late 1980s. They were granted political asylum in the U.S. and settled in rural New Jersey, where Ancheta was raised on the outskirts of a commune without electricity while his father worked as a researcher at Princeton Neuroscience Institute.

Ancheta describes one of his earliest excursions of his own into the modern world, when he hitchhiked to Philadelphia. "The first guy I met on the street introduced me to the world of music and beat making. Within a day I was making my own beats on his sampler."

As his trips into the city became more frequent, he began using the name Mndsgn (pronounced "mind design"), inspired by the Nas lyric, "my mind is seeing through your design like blind fury," and a not-so-subtle nod to his father's work in neuroscience.

His transformation complete, Mndsgn headed west. He now resides in Los Angeles, works with Stones Throw Records, who will release his debut album Yawn Zen in 2014.

Since the year 2004, Sam has been the proud owner of two midi cables. They are currently in his closet under some other shit.
Soulful joker Samiyam of the Brainfeeder clan has garnered an international following for his shifty, slouchy, street-infused beats. Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Samiyam is part of the independent producers movement and rose to prominence from inside his bedroom walls, through beats shared on a global level between producers, DJs, and fans hungry for his laid-back sound.

Funky and disjointed, Samiyam's music thumps with a hip-hop backbone and swaggers into the future through a smokey cloud of jazz influences and a twisted sensibility from an artist who uses a "platinum midi toaster-oven" as equipment and hand-designed each individual album cover for his last release – on porn pages.

With a wide sweep of inspiration from video games to Italian horror movies to Michael Jackson, Samiyam unravels sounds then shoves them back together in clever new ways. His music mutates and then takes shape into a hard and sloppy sonic experience, textured by wet beats that drip with soul.
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The Regent
Los Angeles 90013, 448 S Main St


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