The Hassan Hathout Fast-A-Thon Presented by USC Ansar Ser...

USC Caruso Catholic Center
Los Angeles 90007
November 19.
Los Angeles
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The Annual Hassan Hathout Fast-A-Thon is a philanthropic event orga...

The Annual Hassan Hathout Fast-A-Thon is a philanthropic event organized by the USC Ansar Service Partnership (ASP) each fall semester. ASP seeks to fundraise for the Los Angeles based organization called ILM Foundation, which serves homeless individuals around Los Angeles in its bimonthly food and hygiene kit distributions. The ILM Foundation is a nonprofit organization that functions on the donations from individuals and organizations like Ansar Service Partnership. The purpose of Fast-a-thon is to promote awareness of hunger as a global issue and to raise money for the hungry and homeless community of Skid Row.

For Fast-A-Thon, ASP asks students at USC as well as the general public to donate to the ILM Foundation’s cause as well as to abstain from food and drink for one day (Thursday, November 19th), from sunrise to sunset, during National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. At sunset, ASP provides a banquet free of charge for all fas ting students where they can break their fast and eat and drink. The banquet will feature several talks from individuals prominent in USC’s religious and community service organizations as well as representatives from the ILM Foundation, undergraduate and graduate students at USC who fasted that day, and individuals who have experienced homelessness.

There is limited seating (only 140!!) so please RSVP using the following link to indicate if you will fasting and/or attending the banquet:
More information on the website of the event.


USC Caruso Catholic Center
Los Angeles 90007, 844 W 32nd St


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