{UCI KASA} Winter Quarter First General Meeting: Winter W...

SSL 270
January 13.
Los Angeles
Why join?

First Kasa General Meeting will be this Wednesday at 7pm!

First Kasa General Meeting will be this Wednesday at 7pm!
If you have friends that are interested or unsure whether or not KASA is a good fit for them, bring them out to the GM and hopefully their thoughts about our club will change. This is their KEY to MAJOR SUCCESS.
(invite them to the event page)
If you decide to join, Membership fee will be $35.
You Smart. You Loyal. You Grateful. I Appreciate it.
Members will also recieve a free T-shirt that is currently being designed by DJ Khaled.
Shirts will be given out at the end of the quarter.

Our Annual Winter Wonderland Event will be held after our GM.
Tickets will be sold at the GM so we strongly encourage current members and non-members to come! (Don't worry about rides)
Tickets will be limited and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. (Members get first priority)
This will be a night to remember!

Dress Code:
Please Wear as much white clothing as possible. (Winter Themed)

Dressed Members $5
Dressed Non-Members $10
Non-dressed Members $10
Non-dressed Non-Members $15

More information on the website of the event.


SSL 270


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