UCLA Student Hijab Monologue Submissions

Los Angeles 90095
February 19.
Los Angeles
Why join?

Originally started at UC Riverside, the "Student Hijab Monologues"...

Originally started at UC Riverside, the "Student Hijab Monologues" serves as an artistic conversation on the different views, experiences, and ideas of the "Hijab". Whether they be from students not wearing the hijab, male students reflecting on their own hijab, or Muslim women wearing the hijab on a daily basis, the "Hijab Monologues" is open to all and a safe-space for learning more about Muslim students on campus. The Monologues will also include booths selling food/hijabs with all profits going to humanitarian efforts for Syrian refugees.

The UCLA Student Hijab Monologues will be accepting emailed submissions (merimatricic@ucla.edu) until February 19 for the Hijab Monologues production in mid/end of May. Submit to get your piece in early! Students who are also interested in serving as crew or helping sell items may contact Merima Tričić to be added as backstage awesome-crew.
More information on the website of the event.


Los Angeles 90095, 405 Hilgard Ave


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