USC APASA General Meeting: Drumming with USC Haneulsori!

TCC 350
February 01.
Los Angeles
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USC APASA is proud to present our newly revamped general meetings!...

USC APASA is proud to present our newly revamped general meetings! We are kicking off our new general meeting series with a special meeting next Monday (2/1) at 6PM at TCC 350, and with special guests as well - USC Haneulsori | 하늘소리 and Asian Pacific Graduate Student Association (APGSA)!

USC Haneulsori | 하늘소리 will be bringing in their instruments and teaching us how to play Korean traditional percussion music. Come out and learn about each instrument, the roles they play, and even be able to try them out! No experience is needed...(trust me, we'll be learning for the first time as well!)

Asian Pacific Graduate Student Association (APGSA) will also be speaking about their new Graduate/Undergraduate mentorship program! Come learn how to get involved in the program that kicks off this semester!

To celebrate and share Asian Pacific American (APA) heritage and diversity, USC APASA supports its member organizations and sponsors cultural events to foster unity and growth within and beyond the APA Trojan community. We strive to create a more united community, where students support each other culturally, socially and academically by educating each other with their heritage, history and traditions.
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TCC 350


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