Week 2 - Third Eye Open: A Symposium for the New Age

innergy at UCLA
Los Angeles 90095
January 13.
Los Angeles
Why join?

Third eye open: a symposium for the new age


Third eye open: a symposium for the new age

Consciousness. Meditation. Reiki. Chakra healing. Psychic abilities.

Are you curious about what the new age revolution is all about?

Join mindfulness instructor and recent UCLA graduate Rebecca Nguyen in this third eye-opening workshop where you will learn the benefits of meditation and spiritual healing through the perspective of an ex-atheist philosopher. From battling ghosts with archangels to telepathic healing, on her quest to learn the truth of the inner workings of the universe, Rebecca has experienced countless unexplainable phenomena that spans across multiple dimensions of reality. This workshop is designed to be an open discussion of all things curious, strange, and spiritual, pushing the boundaries of the impossible.

Please join us on Wednesday January 13th from 3:00-4:30pm in Ackerman Union Room 2412!
More information on the website of the event.


innergy at UCLA
Los Angeles 90095, Universe-City of California, Los Angeles


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