Week 6 - Pancha Kosha Bliss Meditation

innergy at UCLA
Los Angeles 90095
February 10.
Los Angeles
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Winter 2016 // WEEK 6

Greetings innergy!


Winter 2016 // WEEK 6

Greetings innergy!

This week I'll be leading a guided meditation called thenPancha Kosha Meditation.

This is a really deep and beautiful meditation given by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a humanitarian, spiritual leader, and ambassador of peace. Ancient sages have explored the depths of our being, and given us the knowledge of the Pancha Kosha (five sheaths) that addresses every level of being.

The path of yoga is an inward journey towards realisation of one’s true nature. The Pancha Kosha meditation takes you on this journey by gently taking your attention to the five sheaths.

Join us in uncovering the layers to Bliss on Wednesday, February 19th from 3:00-4:50pm in Ackerman Union Room 2410.

With love and light,
More information on the website of the event.


innergy at UCLA
Los Angeles 90095, Universe-City of California, Los Angeles


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