Week 9: Energetic Body Healing with Lauren Rock

innergy at UCLA
Los Angeles 90095
November 25.
Los Angeles
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Fall 2015 // WEEK 9

Namaste innergy!


Fall 2015 // WEEK 9

Namaste innergy!

This week, we will be having a workshop led by a UCLA alumnus.

Lauren Rock is an energetic healer who works with the clearing of stress trapped within the body. When emotions and trauma are not fully processed, they often “get stuck” and start causing a host of different problems within the body. Energetic Healing addresses these issues quickly and painlessly by getting to the root of the problem. This allows your body to do what it was designed to do - heal, allowing for a more carefree, less stressful and burdened life experience.

Please join us on in learning about Energetic Body Healing on Wednesday, November 25th at 4:00pm in Ackerman 3508.

Lots of love and light,
From an early age, Lauren was aware that there was a difference in the way she was wired. As an intuitive and highly sensitive child with an uncanny intuitive edge, Lauren was sought after at an early age to counsel others. Lauren grew up with a profound desire to help everyone she met to see the beauty and power they possessed and to help them escape the patterns that created misery in their lives. Through several careers “do gooder” careers as a teacher, mentor and life coach, she noticed that people became”activated” around her and old hurts and beliefs system would arise into consciousness. After years of study both traditionally (graduating with honors from UCLA) and metaphysically, Lauren retired from her former businesses to dedicate herself to healing those who heal the world. She is honored to have worked with high powered conscious entrepreneurs, award winning singers and actors, high powered lawyers and doctors and fearless men, women, couples and their new generations of sensitive children who seek and need a deeper understanding of the world the live in.
She currently resides in Culver City, CA and travels around the world working with private clients. When not is LA, she offers seminars and acts as a guest speaker at retreats for individuals and companies looking for a competitive energetic edge.

Find out more at http://laurenrockhealing.com/
More information on the website of the event.


innergy at UCLA
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