When The Rain Stops Falling

USC Drama Center & Massman Theater
Los Angeles 90007
March 24.
Los Angeles
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In Alice Springs, 2039, a fish falls from the sky, landing at the f...

In Alice Springs, 2039, a fish falls from the sky, landing at the feet of Gabriel York. So begins Andrew Bovell's contemporary drama, When the Rain Stops Falling!

This spring, ATC welcomes you to experience the story of four generations, in England and Australia, from 1959 to 2039. When the Rain Stops Falling is an intricate and haunting portrait of a family mystery that echoes across generations. This clever and inellectual show invites audiences to discuss social and global injustice - begging the question: what will happen when the rain stops falling?

March 24 - 7pm
March 25 - 7pm & 11pm
March 26 - 2:30pm & 8pm
March 27 - 2:30pm

Directed by Kathy Stocker
Gabriel York - Jens Sweaney
Henry Law - Ryan Mcree
Elizabeth Law (younger) - Bree Wernicke
Gabrielle York (older) - Mary Regaldo
Joe Ryan - Matthew Keibler
Gabriel Law - Andrew Maney
Elizabeth Law (older) - DeLaney Brokman
Gabrielle York (younger) - Caitlin Kilgore
Andrew Price - Charlie Junkins
Produced by Bryn Graham, Ethan Haslam, and Maya Tellez

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We are indeed a student run theatre company, which means that every penny makes a difference! Please donate to help us make this show happen! No matter the amount, ATC and all of its participating members are always eternally grateful!

When the Rain Stops Falling discusses several delicate topics, and ATC wishes to make it clear that trigger warnings are available. Please, do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions or concerns at aeneidtheatrecompany@usc.edu.
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USC Drama Center & Massman Theater
Los Angeles 90007, 1029 Childs Way


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