Winter 2016 General Meeting #1: Welcome Back: And Another...

Haines A2, UCLA
January 08.
Los Angeles
Why join?

WELCOME BACK SAMAHANG! We hope you had a great break!


WELCOME BACK SAMAHANG! We hope you had a great break!

Let’s start off the new year and new quarter together with food, karaoke, and a short special elections!
So, come roll out, catch up, make new friends, and have fun!


WHERE: Haines A2
WHEN: Friday, January 8 at 6PM – 8PM, Check-In at 5:30PM


Candidate Eligibility (according to Constitution)
All members of SAMAHANG PILIPINO are eligible to run for office if and only iff:
a) They are registered UCLA undergraduates
b) They are not planning to leave before the end of their term
c) They are able to fulfill the responsibilities of the position
d) They are in good academic standing in accordance with current university guidelines
e) They are not hired as SPEAR employees for the following academic school year
f) They are not hired as SPACE employees for the following academic school year

a) All SAMAHANG PILIPINO members may nominate
b) A nomination must be seconded by a different member than the person who made the nomination
c) SAMAHANG PILIPINO members may only nominate one person per position
d) Just because you are nominated does not mean you must run. You may withdraw your nomination at any time.
e) You may decline your candidacy at the election.

If you know someone who is interested in being a part of SP leadership or who you believe would be a great leader, then please fill out the nomination form below!

Nomination Form:

Open Board Positions:
1. Administrative Coordinator
2. Financial Coordinator
3. Cultural Coordinator
4. PINAYS Coordinator
5. Kabalikat Coordinator

View the duties and responsibilities of each positions:
More information on the website of the event.


Haines A2, UCLA


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