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This is the official website of 100 Citizens. The 100 Citizens Outdoor Fitness Program is a free exercise program offered to adults.

The 100 Citizens program was conceived to provide the community of the City of San Fernando with an affordable (free), accessible (public park), and sustainable physical activity program delivered by CSUN Kinesiology students. The common thoughts relative to exercise and physical activity are everyone knows what to do and how to do it. I don’t believe that is the case and that a part of the reason why we having rising physical inactivity and an increasingly overweight or obese population is that people aren’t sure where to start and how to progress. This fundamental knowledge is provided to Kinesiology students through their education and these students are ideally positioned to deliver this information in a physical activity program. The student gains practical experiences applying their education and the participants receive the information, which allows a safe progression to a healthier lifestyle.

The partnership with the parks is a natural given their facilities and their understanding of the value of physical activity. Volunteer student interns deliver the 100 Citizens program. This is done under the supervision of a lead instructor. This is the sustainability element with the parks taking on the responsibility of supervising the students with a Kinesiology educated employee. This then provides job creation potential in the parks creating a potential career direction for Kinesiology students. Similarly, it is expected that departments of public health will appreciate the benefits of having physical activity programs which teach and encourage citizens to meet the recommended weekly physical activity requirements and this will also create a career path for Kinesiology professionals who know exercise to help public health departments translate policy into programs for not only the underserved but for anyone interested in living a healthy active lifestyle.

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