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Adsum is a student-run literary magazine that seeks to showcase the extensive depth and variety of creative works found at the University of Southern California.

Are you an artist looking to showcase your work? Interested in editing or publishing?

Adsum, USC’s student-run literary magazine, is now accepting submissions for both online and print publication. We are looking to showcase poetry, prose and visual art, and welcome anyone with an interest in editing and publishing. Adsum was created with the intent of providing a foundation for creative expression within the USC community. We also aim to maintain a strong and consistent web presence that will host student content and provide information regarding relevant local events. In addition to the promotion of original, creative works, the organization also seeks to build strong connections with the creative writing and fine arts communities both on campus and in the larger Los Angeles area.

Are you a musician, sculptor or other, less print-friendly artist? Don’t be discouraged! Our online presence seeks to promote all artistic and intellectual works within the USC community and the greater Los Angeles area.

Undergraduate, graduate students and alumni with a passion for literature, art and the USC community are encouraged to email and get involved! We are also looking for people experienced in web and graphic design, as well as those interested in writing articles for our web site.

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