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The Association of Moving Image Archivists Student Chapter, UCLA is a group dedicated to exploring, preserving & celebrating the world of the moving image.

The Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) is a non-profit professional organization that works to advance the practice of moving image archiving. The AMIA Student Chapter at UCLA was founded in 2000 and provides a social and intellectual forum for students interested in saving priceless cinematic history. Moving images are the preeminent art form of the 20th Century and, as such, provide much insight into the past and into culture as a whole. To promote the safeguarding of such a precious resource, AMIA Student Chapter members engage in a multitude of activities including attending symposia, organizing lectures and curating screenings of significant films.

By attending an AMIA Student Chapter of UCLA screening or event, you are personally contributing to the ongoing education of rising archivists and preservationists. With help from you, students are able to engage in more activities at a greater level. With your support, screenings and events such as this one can be continued and enjoyed.

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