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The Official Facebook Page of The Anteater Photography Organization (A.P.O) at University of California, Irvine.

The Anteater Photography Organization (A.P.O) is in an effort to bring together students who share interest in photography as a profession or a hobby and to enrich our learning experience by sharing our ideas, needs, and creativity and therefore enhancing our overall educational experience at University of California ,Irvine. A.P.O. dedicates to have its members involved with community service activities, diversity in membership and outreach to the industry to support our objective. A.P.O. is here to offer students the opportunity to work, create and expand their knowledge of the classroom. By participating in the club, members learn to work together and are instilled with the meaning of giving back to the community. We are continuously expressing ourselves through images, whether it is to build our portfolio, serve the community and college or for an exhibit.

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