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The University of Southern California's Premier South Asian A Cappella Team | | |

Asli Baat was founded in 2008 at the University of Southern California as a way for singers to share their enthusiasm for South Asian music. Since then, AB has grown into an award-winning performance group placing 1st at Anahat, the annual premiere South Asian a cappella competition at UC Berkeley, in 2012 and 2009, and 4th at the ICCA West Quarterfinal in January 2014. Asli Baat blends both classical and contemporary South Asian music with Western musical styles including hip hop, jazz, R&B, rock, and pop.

Our aim is to provide singers of both South Asian and Western musical backgrounds with a platform to showcase their unique talents. Additionally, we seek to broaden our audience and become one of USC’s mainstream a cappella groups.

Alumni: Bharat Reddy, Vaidehi Mahadev, Karan Aggarwal, Nishan Perera, Nitin Butani, Kunal Patel, Avni Goel, Adnin Zaman, Asha Lahiri, Kavita Renduchintala, Rahat Sud, Sonia Kamath, Suhas Rao, Chandra Rajagopal, Shweta Viswanathan, Veena Ramachandran, Chandrika Chandran, Hersh Narayan, Isha Awasthi, Vikram Paul, Shashwat Patel, Amrita Parekh, Abhimanyu Soin, Jagraj Wasan, Kapil Talwalkar, Ria Mehta, Ranjeet Paul, Saagar Ravi, Aditi Jayaraman, Amaresh Shukla, Vikram Paranjpe, Carishma Menon, Nazia Gangani, Abhinav Veerina, Jennifer Cox, Sidhant Gandhi, Sabareesh Kappagantu

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