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B-Boys Anonymous was founded in 1998 as an open practice environment for freestyle dancers on campus. Originally known as the Breakdance Club at UC Irvine, BBA allowed students with common interests in dance to come together and express themselves through music and movement. The club's focus is to promote the love and knowledge of B-Boying, Popping, Locking and all other forms of freestyle dance. Today, BBA currently serves as UC Irvine's premiere street dance based club. Having attracted a wide range of students over the years, BBA has grown to become a well known organization that is heavily involved with UCI's campus life. With many performances, workshops and events during each academic year, BBA has gained much positive recognition on campus. Through all of the development and growth that BBA has experienced since its founding, the club's initial focus still remains. At BBA, we still strive to teach the foundation of freestyle dance and the history of Hip Hop culture to students willing to learn and be apart of its developing scene in the UC Irvine community.

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