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The Biology Club is a student group supported by the Occidental College Biology Department. Our goal is to bring students interested in all facets of biology together through educational programs, fun field trips, and community service.

Biology Club Board Members 2013-2014
-President: Tayler Renshaw
-Vice president: Kristina Geiger
-Treasurer/secretary: Emiko Schwab
-Field trip co-chairs: Candice Crilly, Emma White
-Community service co-chairs: Yeraldi Loera, Sally Madiba
-Intercampus relations co-chairs: Sarah Alvarado, Kevin Kang

Biology Club Board Members 2012-2013
-President: Rebecca Tribelhorn
-Vice President: Danielle Christopher
-Treasurer/Secretary: Connor O’Callaghan
-Community Service Co-Chairs: Karen Medina and Elise Hanson
-Field Excursion Co-Chairs: Thomas Kelly and Olivia Reed
-Inter-Campus Relations Co-Chairs: Kristen Treat and Tayler Renshaw

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