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CampMed at UCI is a student-run high school outreach program that looks to further the education of socioeconomically disadvantaged high school students.

CampMed at UCI is a student-run high school outreach program that was founded by medical and undergraduate students in 1997. They saw the need for a local program that would target socio-economically disadvantaged high school students interested in pursuing higher education, especially in the health science fields. Currently in its 17th year of existence, CampMed at UCI has already reached out to over 1190 high school students from Los Angeles and Orange County schools.

Today, CampMed at UCI is a non-profit educational-enrichment program that encompasses a mentorship program, various high school career development events, and a unique 3-day camp experience. Workshops in the past included: ultrasound, phlebotomy, intubation, medical ethics, suturing, dental impressions, team building exercises, first-aid and search & rescue. The mentorship program consists of two parts: mentorship through bi-weekly interactive, and informative workshops and activities at the high school, and mentorship through a mentee-mentor relationship subsequent to camp. This peer-mentoring program targets youth who may not have the resources to reach their potential, in order to help them grow to become confident and successful leaders and encourage them to pursue higher education.

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