Chapman University Phi Kappa Tau

Los Angeles
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Chapter Officers:

President ------------ Adam Monson
VP ----------------- Dylan Tevlin
Treasurer ----------- Brent Goldberg
MOO --------------- Geoff Lee
VPAR--------------- Bobby Kegley
Chaplain ------------ Wick Kaminski
Social --------------- Byron Marin
Recruitment ---------- Taylor Peck
Secretary ------------ Austin Jones
Scholarship ---------- Cole Cunningham
Risk Management ----- Steven Erdmann
PR----------------- Taylor Peck
Fundraising---------- Misha DeWolf
Philanthropy --------- Paarth Trivedi
Brotherhood --------- Nick Loyola
Sgt. at Arms --------- Jared Covarrubias
IFC --------------- Ofir Barashy/Devon Gray
Historian ----------- Eric Otten
CHAIR-------------- Ryan Ugale
R&G week ---------- Taylor Peck
Skit --------------- Andrew Bergamo

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