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ChEMS GSA is a student run organization at UC Irvine representing graduate students in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science.

ChEMS GSA is a student run organization that allows us, as graduate students in the department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, the opportunity to have a greater impact on the academic life of graduate students in our department. The objectives of the association are to ensure that the concerns of the graduate community in the Chemical Engineering & Materials Science department are addressed by the faculty, to have an influence in the decisions made by the faculty regarding the academic life of graduate students, and to maximize the graduate educational experience through mentorship, outreach and social activities.
An emphasis is placed on the influence the association has on the department curriculum through our input on the annual teaching plan. The association also places emphasis on the presence of graduate student representatives in faculty meetings to better inform and assist the faculty in making decisions related to graduate studies.
All graduate students within the department are invited and encouraged to participate in the association in order to have their concerns addressed and we are delighted to bring you into the fold here at UCI. We look forward to your participation in the ChEMS GSA.

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