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UCI's premiere All-Male A Capella group. We love to perform, no matter where we are, who we're with, or what time it is. Contact us to perform for you!

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1. Down (arr. Sterling Roberts, solo: Reuven Gonzales/Curtis Hoffman)
2. Teenage Dream (arr. Dexter Stevens, solo: Jonathan Lopez)
3. For the Longest Time (arr. Billy Joel, solo: Curtis Hoffman)
4. July July! (arr. and solo: Dexter Stevens)
5. Smooth (arr. David Santos, solo: Tim Ketenjian)
6. Change in my Life (arr. Standard, solo: Francis Sabas)
7. Little Lion Man (arr. Dexter Stevens, solo: Leo Wiggins)
8. Nothing from Nothing (arr. David Santos, solo: Reuven Gonazles)
9. Water Runs Dry (arr. Reuven Gonazles, solo: Sterling Roberts)
10. The Circle Medley (arr. Reuven Gonzales, solo: Francis Sabas, Tim Ketenjian, Jonathan Lopez, Leo Wiggins, Jack Danylik, Curtis Hoffman, Dexter Stevens, Tyler Girdner)
11. Kiss Him Goodbye (arr. Standard, solo: Bruce Aquino, Leo Wiggins, Tim Ketenjian, Dexter Stevens, Francis Sabas, Jonathan Lopez)

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