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The Filipino American Student Association's purpose is to spread the Filipino culture while giving its members a great and meaningful college experience.

CSUN FASA stands for California State University Northridge Filipino American Student Association. We are a diverse organization that embraces the Filipino and Filipino American Culture. This organization was created in 1980 in order to unify the CSUN Filipino American community. Throughout the years, FASA has been known to be one of the most active clubs at CSUN because of the many events and performances in which we host and participate. Not only is FASA known on campus, we are also known within the Filipino American community in the San Fernando Valley. One organization outside of school that we collaborate with is Bahay Kubo, which is the Center for Philipppine Culture and Arts here in the Valley.

As stated in our constitution, our purpose is "to seek the intellectual, social and cultural development, of its membership." FASA also strives to keep the culture of the Philippines alive amidst the culture that is surrounds us today. We proudly represent the Filipino culture through dance, music, theatrical performance, community service, and academic excellence.

We encourage and invite anyone and everyone interested in learning about the Filipino culture to come out to our meetings and to participate in our many fun events.

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