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A little bit of history:

DIY Craft and Art @ UCI was founded by three second years in 2009 who couldn't find a club for themselves.

"Everyone is too focused on trying to make everything so perfect, so professional. We're about the tradition of handmade craft and art. It's not supposed to look professional. We appreciate the thoughts and efforts put into the creation of an object.
We find the beautiful.
We try to show everyone else the same beautiful."

We were founded in hopes of inspiring and supporting an inclusive, creative community. Through holding workshops, providing a friendly and responsive environment, and sharing our creations within and outside of our club, we hope to spread the craft contagion. Anyone and everyone can have fun while crafting. Our club exists to defend this belief.

2013-2014 Board:
Loie Cruz: President
Donna Semsem: VP
Tamara Rodriguez: Treasurer
Karen Chu: Public Relations
Strea Camilon: Secretary

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