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El Centro Legal is UCLA School of Law’s student-coordinated network of volunteer legal aid clinics. Through each of El Centro's clinics, students provide legal services on a volunteer basis to a variety of communities in the greater Los Angeles area.

Clinics focus on issues related to bankruptcy, education, homelessness, HIV/AIDS, immigration, juvenile justice, landlord/tenant, domestic violence and workers’ rights. Each Clinic has its own volunteers, leadership, practice area, and client base.

Our clinics:
HIV & AIDS Legal Services Alliance (HALSA)
Homelessness Prevention
Immigration: Detention
Juvenile Hall
LetsGo! Liberation
Mobile Clinic
Public Counsel Cares
A New Way of Life Re-Entry Legal Clinic
Skid Row Housing Clinic
Teen Court
Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Project
Youth Deportation
Workers’ Rights Project

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