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Collecting and delivering furniture to the formerly homeless population of Los Angeles now living in transitional housing units.

Students attending UCLA that live off campus dispense more than 1,000 items of furniture each year by either moving out or replacing old with new furniture. These items include couches, desks, mattresses, and chairs, which are still in good condition! Furnish the Homeless collects these favorable items and provides them to homeless individuals recently moved to transitional housing projects.
In a study conducted by the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless in 2012, 42% of its members transitioned from the shelter to permanent housing after receiving furnishing assistance, 26% had been doubled up with friends or family, and 32% were living in their apartments but were too poor to purchase furniture and households items. Overall, while securing a house to move into is important, supplying the furniture to create a “home” is vital.
A “furniture drive” is conducted at the end the quarter to effectively gather these items, which are continuously dispensed. On the days of the drive, our Furnish truck will be facilitated throughout the residential areas at the designated times to load the donated items. All goods will be delivered to homeless shelters and low income families collaborating with our organization.
The objectives of our service include:
• To help establish secure and permanent homes.
• To minimize the effects of illegal dumping in UCLA residential areas by keeping items these items of the street.
• To help underprivileged individuals reconnect with society

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