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Ha'Am is the official student-run Jewish news-magazine at UCLA.

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Established in 1972, Ha’Am is the official student-run Jewish newsmagazine at UCLA. We cater to a mainly college-age audience, with the distinct goal of keeping our readers informed regarding all matters of interest to Jewish communites on campus and around the world.

Unlike interactions that take place in synagogues across the globe, no expression of preference or perspective will be snubbed within the pages of Ha’Am. Our differences are to be taken seriously and celebrated, as they fuel the lively tradition of dialogue and debate that has sustained our community throughout the millenia. We hope to bring diverse perspectives to our pages and to stimulate conversation about ongoing social developments within Judaism and the rold of Jewish students in the world.

Ha’Am is always looking for talented editors, designers, photographers, illustrators, marketers, and writers. Look us up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (@haamnews), or e-mail haam@media.ucla.edu to give us your feedback or to get more involved. Or visit our website at www.haam.org for even more articles. Feel free to apply at: http://apply.uclastudentmedia.com/applications/haam/

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