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HackUCI is an annual hackathon organized by students and alumni from the University of California, Irvine.

What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is a place where the only thing limiting what you build is your own creativity. Stay up for 36 hours with the most awesome people you'll ever meet, building the coolest things you have created and chugging more Boba than you ever thought possible.

What should I create?

You can build whatever you want: websites, apps, or hardware (no soldering allowed). All code must be written during the hackathon - feel free to use open source libraries and APIs. Hacks are judged on creativity, technical difficulty, usefulness, and overall awesomeness.

What should I bring?

A photo ID, your hacking setup, clothes, toiletries, and a sleeping bag (for the weak).

Do I sign up as a team or individual?

You will sign up individually but definitely get your friends to sign up with you. If you are looking for team members, you will find tons of other people at the event to form a team.

How are hacks presented?

On Sunday, all hackers will be able to demo their hacks to sponsors and their fellow hackers. Winning projects will be selected based on their demos, and these teams/individuals will present their hacks to everyone for two minutes.

I live far away. How do I get to the event?

We hope to get buses for other schools with a large turnout, but we won't be sure until the even draws near. Stay tuned for details!

Who can come?

Any college or university student. We also admit other participants (e.g. high school students) on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us directly.

How can you find us?

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